Tom Smith Sr. Talks ABout The Loss of His Son

Retired Police Officer Sgt. Tom Smith Sr. and News Channel 20’s Randy Gardner talk about dealing with the loss of a loved one lost in the line of duty along with hardships that come about for some survivors and how our charity golf tournament came about to help with those hardships.

1 thought on “Tom Smith Sr. Talks ABout The Loss of His Son

  1. Chris Johnson

    When I look at my son everyday I thank God for his life and I ask God to keep him safe. I was there the night Tommy was killed. In the room with Tom, Fran, and Nicci when the reality that my good friend had given his life to try and save another. The things I most remember was the absolute feeling of helplessness. Nothing could be said or done at that very moment to shield these three people I cared for from this harsh reality. Although I could feel the grief Tom and Fran had, I really could not understand the complexity of it until 5 years later when I myself was blessed with a son. Realizing that nothing could be more devastating than losing a child has now given me that understanding. This was an experience that changed everyone in that hospital room, for the rest of our lives. This is why The Tom Smith Jr Memorial Charity is so important to me.


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