Wayne B. McClelland | E.O.W. April 17, 1975

Wayne B. McClellandDetective Wayne McClelland, age 32, was killed on April 17, 1975 at approximately 12:20 AM, after initiating a traffic stop for a vehicle with no taillights on southbound Interstate 55 just south of Green Park Road. As Detective McClelland returned to his police vehicle, he was struck by a speeding vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver. The driver of the vehicle left the scene and continued southbound on Interstate 55.

Detective McClelland was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital for emergency treatment, however, at 5:00 AM, Detective McClelland became the first St. Louis County police officer to give his life in the line of duty.

The suspect was later located. He was tried and found guilty of Manslaughter.

Detective McClelland was born April 8, 1943. He was a nine year veteran of the Department. During his career, he served in the Divisions of Patrol and Criminal Investigation. He received several letters of commendation and appreciation from the Department and the citizens he served.

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